Track and Field Events Result Success Comparison Among the Selected Addis Ababa Second Division Athletics Clubs

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Addis Abeba university


The purpose of this study was Track and field events success comparison among the athletics clubs:The study comprises 3 clubs, 100 Athletics, 6 Coaches, 3 Administrative bodies, 1 Federation official. Purposive sampling is to focus on particular characteristics of population that area of interests, which is best enable to answer research questions. Then, purposive study is used to carry out this research. Three instruments such as document analysis, Questionnaire and interview were used to gather the data. The descriptive analysis of the data was analyzed by using both qualitative and quantitative methods. The finding indicated that out of 1–8 ranking position clubs have lack of enough facilities and equipment, training program is not an individual based, luck of adequate balance diet, shortage of training track and finance are the main problems, finally the researcher on the basis of findings of the study recommendations were drawn, the unsuccessful clubs should develop their finance and encourage Athletes by supporting sport materials, facility and equipment more over supply quality and quantity food. The government and private organizations should support Athletics sport and the National Athletes Federation also should give attention for clubs. Addis Ababa Athletics federation also should encourage clubs and prepared money award for successful clubs. Key Word:- Athletics, clubs, events, Facilities, Federations, Running, Successful, Unsuccessful



Athletics; clubs, events; Facilities; Federations; Running; Successful; Unsuccessful