Internet for Marketing Products/Service: Case of Star-rated Hotels in Addis Ababa.

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The Internet has increasingly become a popular medium for marketing. This paper attempted to assess and investigate the level of the use of Internet, the potentials of the Internet for marketing Ethiopian hotels products/ services and the constraints on the full realization of such potential. The study used both primary and secondary data to gather information from key Informants in the Hotel Industry. An observation of the websites of the selected hotels on the study is also used as another means of data gathering. The study then analyzed the data gathered to provide a meaningful interpretation and to come up with practical applications of use of the Internet for marketing Products/ services and also to help marketing managers in such organizations to devise their strategy in accordance with the findings. The paper also provides an insight on the level of the Internet usage in the Ethiopian hotel Industry and concludes by recommending suggestions on how to efficiently and effectively utilize the Internet under the constraints.



Marketing products, Service Case