The Situation of Scavenging Children on the Waste Dumping Sites of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This research is conducted on the situation of scavenging children on the biggest waste dumping site of Addis Ababa. Currently there are more than 458 scavenging children with the age range of 4 – 18 years old. While we have such big number of vulnerable children who are scavenging on the waste dump site, waste is dumped by anyone with no control mechanism. So, the researcher has made an attempt to investigate the impact of such uncontrolled waste disposal practice, the psychosocial impact of being scavenging children, their group dynamic, family background, problems and causes of scavenging, risk factors including the possibility of being exposed to hazardous chemicals including lead, and radio active elements, laws and regulation related to children and waste management and the policy gaps, poor waste disposal practice and its adverse effect, on the life of children. As a result of this, it is found that the life of the children is at absolute risk because of higher possibility for exposure to hazardous chemicals and vector of diseases. The policy gaps with reluctant position of governmental institutions are identified. Important and affordable as well as applicable recommendations, policy alternatives, and operational suggestions are given in this research work including laws ratification, institutional strengthening, start up of new projects for psychosocial rehabilitation and preventive intervention on the site are suggested. At the end the implication of the problem to the social work profession is also mentioned



Social Work