Assessment of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy and its Implementation: the Case of Ministry of Science and Technology of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Assessment of the formulation and implementation of science, technology and innovation policy help to identify the effectiveness of STI policy and its Implementation . The scope of the research study was restricted to see only the policy formulation and implementation process in the MoST and the institutions or organizations that are accountable to MoST .To carry out the assessment study , extensive literature review was carried out which formed the background knowledge to the study as well as provided the necessary input to the discussion of the findings from the study . The instrument for data collection was an interview and a structured questionnaire that was designed on a 5-p0int Likert scale to be able to collect quantitative data. The data were analyzed using SPSS version 20. The reliability was determined 0.774 with Cronbach's alpha coefficient. Four dimensions, namely STI policy formulation process, STI policy content, STI policy monitoring and evaluation and overall effectiveness of STI policy formulation and implementation have been established. The finding of the study indicated that the science technology and innovation policy making process/formulation/ was effective where as its implementation was found ineffective. The study recommended that the development of STI Policy implementation strategy , good coordination mechanisms and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms should be implemented



Technology of ethiopia