The Effect of the Marketing Mix Elements (Product, Price, Place/Distribution and Promotion) on Brand Loyalty a Look in to the Case of St. George Beer

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Addis Ababa University


Since the emergence of branding as an approach to marketing, businesses have realized the importance of retaining existing customers and started developing marketing strategies to build long-term relationships with customers (build brand loyalty). Therefore identification and application of all the marketing elements affecting brand loyalty are essential in the construction of a framework that can guide the evolution of brand loyalty. The aim of this study was to identify the level of effect that the marketing mix elements has on brand loyalty taking St.George beer as a case study. The study builds a conceptual framework using the marketing mix elements and presents the impact and relationship between the dependent and independent variables. The empirical study which followed was conducted among a sample of 326 consumers of the brand under study. The empirical study produced results that measured the impact of each independent variables on brand loyalty. The results were analyzed and the results of the study confirmed that the 3 independent marketing mix elements (Product, place, promotion) have significant and direct effect on the dependent variable (Brand loyalty) whereas the second independent variable (price) has a significant and indirect effect on the dependent variable (Brand loyalty). Therefore based on the results found conclusions has been made and recommendations were provided.



marketing, businesses, marketing strategies