The Effects Of Quality Service On Customer Satisfaction: The Case Study Of Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise, Express Mail Service Department

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The purpose of this study was to find out the effects of service quality on customer satisfaction of Ethiopian postal service enterprise, express mail service /EMS department. The target populations for this study were 1060 employees working in the Ethiopian postal service enterprise main office, Addis Ababa, from which a sample size of 290 respondents selected for analysis. Questionnaires were used to obtain information for the study. Accordingly, five service quality dimensions (tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy) were hypothesized to evaluate service quality and customer satisfaction. Descriptive statistics like frequency, mean and correlation analysis techniques were applied to analyze background information of respondents, to analyze respondents‟ perception on service quality and satisfaction as well as relationship between service quality dimensions, overall service quality and customer satisfaction Both primary and secondary methods of data collection were applied. This study helps the EMS department to improve its service quality for better customer satisfaction.



Service quality, customer satisfaction, service quality dimensions