Students Behavioral Problems in Governmental Secondary Schools of Arada Sub-City in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was to assess students’ behavioral problems and their relevant causes related to the family, schools, teachers, curriculum, community and peer group pressure, as well as, to review the offering approaches to improve them. The members of the study were selected from Meskerem secondary school, Betelhm secondary school and W/ro Kelemewerk preparatory school of Arada Sub-city in Addis Ababa. The quantitative data was gathered by the help of questionnaire from teachers and students and was analyzed by descriptive statistics that consist of weighted mean and percentage. The qualitative data was gathered from principals/viceprincipals and school counselors by interviews and was analyzed using narrative methods. Available sampling, purposive sampling and stratified random sampling methods were used to select the respondents of the study. According to the finding of the study the types of students’ behavioral problems, the leading ones were late coming to school, dress code violations, absenteeism/truancy, argumentativeness/ defiant disruptive behavior, and inattentiveness. Concerning to causes that are indorsed to the family, the study confirmed low socio-economic status and inadequate monitoring. Like school and administrators related factors, the finding revealed lack of awareness to the problem as an illness, poor commitment to cooperate with the staff members and the school premises not conducive. From the teachers’ side, the study shows becoming poor models and absence of preventive and corrective measures. Causes considered with the curriculum were absence of ethical and moral teaching and becoming out of the societal mental health building. The communities’ negative influence and technology misuse as well as peer pressure considered as a major causes. Furthermore, the approaches delivered to improve the students’ behavioral problems were inappropriate. Finally, the researcher likes to recommend that, school leaders and teachers’ should aware behavioral problems which need psychological treatments as well as the schools have an organizational duty to apply applicable treatment approaches.



Governmental Secondary Schools, Students Behavioral Problems