Determinants of Effectiveness of Social Media usage: The case of Ethiopian Airlines

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Addis Ababa University


Social media marketing is a new trend. Tools and approaches for communicating customers have changed greatly with emergence of social media and it has become an avenue that marketers can extend their marketing campaigns to a wider range of consumer. (Paquette H. 2013) The airline industry is fast adapting and utilizing social media technology as competition in the industry is fierce, quality service at low cost becomes common place and they are seeking new and innovative ways to sustain competitive advantage. The purpose of this study is to investigate determinants of effectiveness of social media usage by Ethiopian Airlines. To this effect, 4 predictor factors namely perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived enjoyment and trust were identified and consumer based attitude scale that contains 24 items was developed and questionnaires were completed. Assumption and diagnostic tests were done and in the end, trust was found to be dominative determinant of effectiveness of social media usage by Ethiopian Airlines while perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use were found to have positive significant association towards effectiveness of social media usage by Ethiopian Airlines.



Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Social Media usage