The Right of Access to Justice and Diplomatic Immunity in Ethiopia: The Need for Revisiting the Existing Remedial Approach

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The right to access to justice is recognized under Art 37 of the FDRE Constitution. It is also recognized in the plethora of international and regional human rights instruments to which Ethiopia is a party. Ethiopia is also a party to the VCDR. Sporadically persons entitled to diplomatic immunities abuse those rights. The relationship between immunity from jurisdiction and human rights is one that has created a great deal of controversy in recent years. This discourse is arduous task as it is arguably the result of fragmentation of international rules. Thus, it has been attempted to critically analyse the apparent contradiction in the VCDR and assessed the remedies provided for victims of diplomatic abuses through case studies. The study has found out that victims‘ right to access to justice is highly impacted due to the undue protection of the VCDR and the domestic remedial approach which need to be revisited.



Diplomatic Immunity in Ethiopia,Existing Remedial,Justice and Diplomatic