Effect of Job Design on Employee Performance, The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction: the case of Joshua Multi-purpose cooperative Limited Liability Society and Awach Saving and Credit Primary Cooperative Society Ltd

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Employment performance is one of the key elements in organizational human resource management.Enhancing employee performance is vital inachieving overall organizational performance. To do so, job design willhelpto cultivate and enhance employee performance toa higher level by raisingemployee job satisfaction. Especially in our country, lack of well-designed jobs creates multi-lateral effects on human capital both in job satisfaction as well as employee performance. The purpose of the study was to measure the effect of job design on employee performance with the mediation effect of job satisfaction. The research investigated the Effect of job design on employees' performance at Joshua Multipurpose cooperative Society Limited Liability and Awach Saving and Credit Primary Cooperative Society Ltd; and which factors of job design highly influence on employees' performance in the organizations. The study focused on motivating performance through job design. It is experienced and known that well-designed jobs can have a positive effect on both job satisfaction as well as the quality of employee performance. The study conducted by using a total censusof both organizations. Structuredand a 5-point Likert Scale JCM standard questionnaire(Job Diagnostic Survey (JDS)) adopted to analyze quantitatively task performance of employees, with the mediating role of job satisfaction.Both descriptive and explanatory research design implemented to describe the characteristics of the variables.Data analyzed by using descriptive statistics including means, median, and standard deviation. Inferential statistical tools like linear regression and correlation used. The overall results of hypotheses testing indicated that the effect of job characteristics on job design is positive and significant. It is also confirmed that the effect of job design on employee job satisfaction as well asthe effect of job satisfaction on employee performance is positive and significant. The mediating role of employee job satisfaction in the relationship between job design and employee job performance the results showed a mediating role and significant. Thus, job design has effect on employee performance. Since employee job performance is not a one time job, cooperatives should periodically revise and improve its job characteristics, job design, job satisfaction and check employee job performance levels regularly.



Employee Performance, Multi-purpose cooperative Limited Liability