Strategic Organizational Communication in Image Building: The Case of Ministry of Innovation and Technology

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This study aimed at exploring PR/strategic communication policy and practice in Ministry of Innovation and Technology through such dimensions PR/strategic communication policies and practices in the ministry, the role of PR in the MinT, the way of Internal and external communication, function of PR in image building of the organization, activities of social responsibility for image building and the new perspective of PR applied in ministry. The research was undertaken the combination of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. The method used for the study is a part of a non-random method known as purposive and the technique employed for sample is stratification to classify the ministry directorate samples. The research data collected through three methods of data collection, questionnaire, in-depth interview and focus group discussion. The study result from 67 questionnaires distributed for the employees and stakeholders, one FGD made with PRs practitioners and other three experts and five interviews data conducted with three MinT directors and with two innovators. Since this study is an appraisal about, strategic communication policies a strategic communication plan is not applied. Therefore, strategic communication frame /SCF/ the ministry strategic organizational communication does not fulfill all building blocks. They are also not standardized. Their building blocks are key values and key targets. In relation to PR practice the study finding shows among the 67 questionnaire respondents 25(40.3%) and 19(30.6%) PR is the not lead the organization PR activity, although PR is not well organized, powerless, and not professional, The FGD and interviews conducted with target of study participants; PR director, MinT directors and innovators, so as triangulate the data confirm that PRs has weak system regarding to transparent and trustworthy communication and lack of way of communication. Thus it needs improvement to further organization success.



Strategic communication, social theory, internal communication, image building, social responsibility.