Ethiopia’s Perspective on Foreign Policies and Strategies of the Us Towards the Horn of Africa: The Case of Ethiopia Post-2018

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Addis Ababa University


The research examines Ethiopia's perspective on the US foreign policy and strategy towards the Horn of Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular. Though the scope of the study is limited to post-2018, the study examined prior periods of relations to see the trend. The research investigates the realism theory on which US foreign policies and strategies are based. The study also analyzes the foreign policy and strategy of the US from the idea of Realism perspective. The paper could spark a frank discussion among scholars and professionals on some possible faulty historical events that occurred in the countries' relations and make this research a springboard for further study in enhancing the cooperation between the countries. The researcher used a qualitative approach. The research design is descriptive and exploratory. The data are gathered from books, articles, websites, and data from selected people through questionnaires. As per the research, both countries enjoyed an excellent relationship in the first one-and-a-half years of post-2018. However, after the occurrence of the Tigray conflict and the failed attempt of the US brokered GERD negotiations, the two countries' relations deteriorated. The research also suggests ideas that Ethiopia shall cultivate the trust of the US and that it has no other agenda other than alleviating poverty and exerting effort for its people's betterment. Democratization and respecting human rights shall also be top on the agenda.



Foreign policy, Strategy, Horn of Africa, Ethiopia, USA