Project Communication and Its Effect in The Performance of Electromechanical Construction Projects: In a Case of Edna-mall HTS PLC (EHTS)

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Addis Ababa University


Any type of construction works requires communication between the different stakeholders. This study focused on project communication and its effect on the performance of electromechanical construction projects: In a case of Edna-mall HTS PLC. The objectives of this study were to identify project communication practice and to determine the effect of project communication on the performance of the four electromechanical projects executed or being executed by the organization. Explanatory research design with a quantitative approach was used by collecting a primary data using a research survey questionnaire. A population size of 36 was used which incorporated different stakeholders on the projects such as contractor, subcontractor, client, and consultant where some are directly involved (project manager engineers, supervisors, technician, etc.) and some indirectly involved (Support team form head office like procurement, human resource, finance, etc ) in the four projects. The findings of the study show that the projects under this study have a good communication practice. When it comes to the effect of project communication in the performance of the project. It is observed that the practice of project communication and organizational communication have a statistically positive significant influence. While Methods of communication and communication technology have less significance on the project performance. It is recommended that improvement in the method and technology of communication could lead to an increase in performance. At last, further study should be conducted on this topic since this study is limited to the four Electromechanical construction projects.



Project communication,, project performance, electromechanical construction project