The Link between Project Managers Leadership Attributes and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Construction Projects of Adama Town

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this project work was to assess the link between project managers’ leadership attributes and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) of construction projects in Adama town via the lens of project staff members. To examine the issue under consideration the study was guided by quantitative approach. Specifically, an exploratory descriptive survey research design was employed. Two construction project sites (ASTU and RVU) functioning at Adama city administration were randomly selected. Census survey was utilized to include 38 project staff members. To measure the leadership attributes the Leader Attributes Inventory/Observer-Rating Form was employed; whereas, to assess OCB the adapted version of OCB-scale were utilized. The data were analyzed with descriptive statistics (mean scores, correlation, and ranking methods) and finally examined using pertinent literature. The study ascertained: (1) the extent to which project managers leadership attributes are related to OCB; and (2) the dominant leadership attributes exhibited by project managers as perceived by project staff members. The study found that there is a significant positive linear relationship between projects managers’ leadership attributes with OCB. Besides, the study identified the top and the least exhibited project managers leadership attributes. In conclusion, the results of this study uncovered the moderate amount of linkages between leadership attributes and OCB. In light of the findings a great deal is expected of construction project managers to promote employees OCB. Hence, developing project managers’ leadership attributes revealing drive, trust, tolerance, interpersonal and organizational skills could count for employees OCB. In addition, since the nature and behavior of project leaders vary across different contexts, so that may affect construction project employees OCB differently, further study needs to be undertaken in a larger scale. Keywords:



Leadership attributes,, organizational citizenship behavior,, Adama, Ethiopia