Urban Agriculture Initiatives In Addis Ababa With Practical Evidences From Selected Vegetable Producing Cooperatives And Households In The City

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Addis Ababauniversity


Many of the urban development studies on the city of Addis Ababa nearly always concentrate on the non-agricultural activities, as the result of which information and even base-line data on urban agriculture in the city are missing. This exploratory and descriptive study intends not only to contribute something in fillingin this gap of information on urban agriculture by taking one component of urban agriculture, which is vegetable production, but also has the intention of attracting allention to the relatively neglected area of urban agriculture. To this end, the study attempts to characterize the vegetable producing urban farmers in the city; to explore and describe the types, the scales and peljormances of vegetable production activities in the city. It also tries to examine the income, employment, and consumption effects of vegetable production; to idel1li/Y and analyze the major problems and constraints as well as to indicate implication for future government policy planning and management of urban agriculture. Major findings of the study prove that the activity of urban agriculture in Addis Ababa has been significantly contributing to the income generation of the urban poor families thereby contributing towards alleviating the intensity of poverty. Additionally, findings of the research show that, the sector has also been of a paramount importance in providing these families with food security and employment opportunities. However, results of the findings on the other hand indicate that urban agriculture in Addis Ababa is being highly constrained by various factors amongst which lack of government recognition, constraints on access to inputs and services are worth mentioning. Departingji-om all these outcomes of the study therefore it has been highly recommended that the government give sufficient attention to the industl), particularly in the areas of support for research and development, in the areas of provision of extension workers, inputs, and credit facilities for the overall improvement of productivity and the successful development of urban agriculture



Selected Vegetable Producing Cooperatives And Households In The City