Assessment Of Project Implementation Challenges Case Of Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia Contact Center Project

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study is to identify challenges facing the implementation of customer contact center at commercial bank of Ethiopia. As result, the researcher has identifying the implementation challenges by selecting organizational, technological, structural challenges and sizing of the call concepts. To address this study, descriptive research method was employed and both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used. Accordingly questionnaires, interview and document analysis were used as data collection instrument. The data obtained through questionnaire has been analyzed quantitatively using descriptive statistics: tables, frequency distribution, graphs and percentage and statistical package for social science (SPSS)20 were used. Moreover, the data obtained using interviews has been analyzed qualitatively. Total population used to collect data was director, manager, team leaders and team members of the project which is a total of 120. The sampling design that was employed for this study was purposive sampling. The findings of the research revealed that major challenges facing the implementation of customer contact center were lack sizing of call, technology and equipment related challenges, problems of organizational structure, poor technological infrastructure, lack of user involvement and addressing adequate training, problems of standardization. Hence, the researcher has recommended that the company should consider agent’s knowledge and skills about ICT knowledge and to solve this bank should also design a long term and short term training programs. For short term plan the bank should provide on job training on basic computer skills, bank should give due attention to the project by equipping the project with the appropriate physical equipment and well trained human resource in order to implement the project efficiently and effectively, Project coordinator should create awareness to different banks department in order to create good understanding of contact center business model and to have necessary technical, managerial and other skills to implement contact center project and finally should consider determining sizing of contact center.



Sizing the call center, technological and equipment, environmental challenge