The Experience of Having a Chi ld Diagnosed With Type I diabetes: The Case of Parents and Guardians

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Addis Ababa University


Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1 DM) , a common, chronic disease, affects the patient as well as the family. It requires daily vigilance in blood sligar monitoring, dietmy management and insulin administration. 11 is a I !/elong condition for children and their parents, th e management for which imposes a vast responsibility. This re search has explored the experiences of parents having a child diagnosed with T1 DM Using a qualitative exploratOlY design, 12 parents raising children with T1 DM and Ivho are members of Ethiopian Diabetic Association partiCipated in audio -recorded interview. A t the time of the interviews the children ranged in age from 4 to 13 years, with duration of diagnosis rangingji-om 1 year /0 12 years. Eight ll7ajor themes were identified, including issues of parental feeling and emot ion,factors associated with parental distress, challenges encountered, family relationship, school and health care, diabetes education, coping and adaptation. Within each theme, numerous sub-themes were identified. The identification of challenges and umnet need~ of parents implies th e health care and schools. system s should ac knowledge th e need and provide the required services and support. Psycho social,financial and emotional issues should be Inanaged and aformalfollow-up plan should be in place startingfrom time of hospitalization, to create access to diabetic education and raiSin g public awareness. And, a holistic and integrated interventions at all level fram policy, education, and practice and research paint of view against burden of raisi n g child with TlOM is essential. Key words: type 1 diab etes m ellitlls, childrell, pare llt, stress, hyperglycemia, hypog lycemia



type 1 diab etes m ellitlls, childrell, pare llt, stress, hyperglycemia, hypog lycemia