The Power of Administrative Agencies Concerning Urban Land Dispute Settlement: The Case Study on Dukem and Burayou City Administrations

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Addis Ababa University


Urban center is source of innovation, work or employment opportunity, access to technology and etc. For the expansion of urbanization the demand and interest of the urban land has been highly increased from time to time. This study examines and analyses the power of administrative agencies concerning urban land dispute settlement the laws and practices in Ethiopia especially in study area. Land disputes are bound to occur or available at any situation all over the world especially in our country. We cannot avoid disputes but we can reduce by putting clear legal and institutional frame work and design available right to get access to justice as remedies. The objective of the thesis is to analyze and describe the power of administrative agencies concerning urban land dispute settlement laws in Ethiopia and to compare them with the practice in order to investigate better and effective urban land dispute settlement mechanism in Ethiopia by examining the existing urban land laws and institution whether it is enough to settle urban land disputes in Ethiopia especially in the study area. In order to identify the different disputants and cause of disputes in two towns, the writer has consulted various collected information through interviews, questionnaires and focus group discussions with different concerned bodies. Based on this it has been found that the different disputants in the study area are individual versus government, individual versus organization, individual versus individual. High demand; tenure insecurity, scarcity, greed, land policies and etc are some of sources of urban land disputes. The disputes have arisen in relation to improper termination of contract of lease, illegal possession and illegal buildings, boundary, expropriation and inheritance dispute are some of the causes of disputes in the study area.



administrative agencies, urban land, urban land disputes, dispute settlement mechanisms, urban land dispute settlement.