Exploring the Potential of E-Commerce in Marketing Agricultural Products in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Ethiopia is predominantly an agrarian country. The main revenue of the country is fro m Agriculture and it s by-products ( v iz. coffee having genes is here is one of the main exported product from the country However, like an y other developing countries, Ethiopia ha s not ex plaited the full potential of ICT in marketing its agricultural products, there by, no receive in g its deserved share from local and global markets . The quality, quantity, and variety of perishable agricultural products can be improved and mark e ted faster if the new Intern et Teleology is brought in to every nook and corner of the country. This thesis is an attempt to bring awareness o f electronic marketing and its related advantages in selling and buying agricultural products To create a better market outlet for agric cultural products, Cooperatives for Marketing Agricultural Products should make use o f the Internet. He re, "Ethio Cyber Market" web sit e is developed which facilitates any producer or buyer to transact their agricultural products. For this, a Cash Card is developed that can be used for money transaction This e -Commerce can be a reality if the ETC spreads its wings throughout the country by it s optic fiber and Broadband network.



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