Exploring the Challenges of Large Bus and Minibus that Passengers Face in Gambella Region: The Case of Makuey, Wanthowa and Itang Special Woreda

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Addis Ababa University


This comprehensive study on the challenges bus passengers face in Gambella will create good work environment for Gambella transport authorities by providing them with new and valuable information to help them better understand the challenges bus passengers face. The study objectives were to describe the affordability, acceptability of bus transport services and to explore the availability and accessibility of bus transport service as well as to investigate the challenges bus passengers face. The researcher had used qualitative approach with case study methodology and cross-sectional study design. The finding of the study showed that there is a huge demand of improvement on bus transit system in the three selected woredas. When I analyzed the point of views of bus passengers, views of transport authorities and cases, the study exposed that the current status of bus transport service in Wanthowa, Makuey and Itang special Woreda demands huge improvement. Large buses and minibuses are overcrowded; passengers pay unauthorized transit price and pay illegal tax to police, special force and militias at checkpoints. Besides, there are no waiting shelters and toilet rooms at bus stations and there is poor traffic management. Not only this, wuyallas/porters use to abuse bus passengers at bus stop or bus station at any time of a day. To improve bus transport services provision, I had provided practical recommendations. I believed that when the recommended strategies are effectively implemented, there would be effective bus transit system in the region, particularly, Wanthowa, Makuey and Itang Special Woreda



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