Role of personality and risky driving behavior on road traffic accidents among public transport drivers in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia: 2019.

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Addis Ababa University


Background: Road traffic accident is one of the top ten leading causes of death in world-wide. Every year 1.35 million peoples around the world die as a result of road traffic collisions. It‟s the result of contribution of many factors including environmental, vehicle and human factors and from all factors human factors contribute the major role for the cause of road traffic accident. There is no much evidence how the personality of drivers affects driving behavior and as well as its contribution on accident. Objective: To assess the relationship between of personality and risky driving behavior and their role on road traffic accidents among the public transport drivers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2019. Methods: Institutional based cross sectional study design was conducted from January 01 to February 30, 2019 G.C. Using random selection three hundred seventy seven public transport drivers were selected from operated terminals. Data were collected by trained data collectors through interview using standardized questionnaire. The collected data were entered in Epi-data version 3.1 software and exported to Stata version 14.0 statistical software for analysis. Bivariate and multivariable logistic regressions were used to know the final predictors with a cut of point of P-value < 0.05 level of significance. Structural equation modeling program was applied to assess the relationship between personality and risky driving behaviors. Result: Totally 374 drivers participated in the study with response rate of 99.2%. The overall magnitude of risky driving behavior the study participants was 49%. Those had anger personality and speeding behavior had increased odds of road traffic accident. Two of personality trait were found positively significant with risky driving behaviors, driver anger (β = 0.24, P= 0.000) and sensational seeking (β = 0.13, P=0.000) with 58% total variance. Both personality and risky driving behaviors directly predicted road traffic accident with 23% of variance. Conclusion and recommendation: The findings of the study show, anger and speeding had important contributor to accident and personality had significant association with risky driving behavior. And both personality and risky driving behavior had strong effect accident. And transport authority should design strategy and promote that helps to reduce speeding



Personality, Risky Driving Behavior, Road Traffic Accident.