Improving the Performance of Under 17 Male Project Football Players with Specfic Reference to Debre Berhan Administrative Zone

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is improving the performance of under-17 male project football player’s development program and its contribution to the main clubs with the case of Amhara league North shoa administrative zone. The samples of under-17 male project football player’s were selected Debre Berhan kenema football club purposely. The subject on the study were 40, 35 players and 5 coaches and coaching staffs. Therefore, census survey method was employed this is because that the number of the study group were too small to take samples. Instead of using other sampling, the researcher prefers to use mixed or triangulation technique as data collection instrument it helps to investigate in-depth and collect accurate information’s by using questionnaire, interview and observation. The data collected from questionnaires were analyzed in tabulation forms, in frequent counts and percentages. The other information’s collected from interviews and observations were analyzed through descriptive statements. The major findings of the study indicates that, lack of training equipment’s, lack of fitness trainings program which are exclusive from warming up and calling down in football training sessions, considering with modern football training method and nutritional variables were the major findings which directly or indirectly affects development of youth players in Debre BerhanAdministrative Zone under-17 male project football players. However, the above findings concluded that of the need for focus in the development football program of Debre Berhan Administrative Zone under-17 male project football players and others club who has the same structure of development programs therefore the researcher strained show those problems detail in this thesis.



Development Program, Improving, Professional Football, Talent, Philosophies