Practices and Challenges of Stuff Development in Private Secondary schools of Adiss Abeba City Administration

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Gebeyhu, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Practices and challenges of management development in private secondary schools of Addis Abeba city administration. In private sector organizations are run by private individual owners. For its managements and development that not only a lot huge finance, it also requires knowledge, skill and altitude. In private school especially secondary level many responsibilities from teachers, parent’s students and the society in highly demanded. Therefore this study aims to analyze the practices and challenges of management development in private secondary schools in Addis Abeba. A descriptive survey method was employed to conduct the study. Sample of the schools were selected by random sampling techniques depending on the school location. The subject of the study are 90 department head teachers, 18 vice principals of the school, 18 supportive staff and 9 main school principals in nine private secondary schools. The data gathering tools used were questionnaire, interview and document review. From the result of this study it was found out that the private secondary schools have not set the MD in the school program and are not revising their program regularly. However the MD in private secondary schools needs to have great attention of the respected government authority. The principal should measure and follow up of the effect of the MD program. Beside to this, the principal and other management bodies should upgrade their potential. Finally, the result revealed that for the training and development program need high emphasis from the concerned government body especially MoE and the private school owners. .