Assessment of Barriers To Emergency Contraception Use Among Antenatal care Seekers of Addis Ababa Health Centers

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Addis Abeba Universty


Background; - In Ethiopia where maternal mortality is one of the highest and induced abortion secondary to unwanted pregnancies contributing the highest proportion of maternal deaths using emergency contraception as a back up method can contribute to reduce unwanted pregnancy secondary to method failure, contraception non use and also rape. Objectives; -the study is designed to assess the knowledge and practice to emergency contraception & also barriers to its use among the antenatal care attendees of Addis Ababa health centers. Methodology;-cross sectional institution based descriptive study was conducted in ten health centers of Addis Ababa from September to October 2006. One health center from each ten sub cities of Addis Ababa were included in the study after selecting by simple random sampling technique from each sub city .By using systematic random sampling technique 636 Ante natal care attendees were interviewed with a response rate of 97.8%. Pretested and structured questionnaire was used to collect the data & the data entered to EPI6 and SPSS version 11 used for analysis. Result Of the 636 women included in the study 148(23.3%) of the women reported that the current pregnancy is mistimed, 90(14.2%) is unwanted and 60(9.4%) reported that they had induced abortion in the last two years. Of the study participants 65(10.2%) had ever heard of emergency contraception. Where as, only 12(1.9%) of the women had actually used emergency contraception. The preferred places for the provision of emergency contraception were public hospitals 331(52%), health centers 214(33.6%), private clinics 34(5.3%), &pharmacies 33(5.2%). Conclusion This study showed that the major barrier to the use of emergency contraception is lack of awareness of this contraceptive method & also there is demand for education and provision of emergency contraception methods.



Assessment of Barriers To Emergency Contraception