Practices and Challenges of House of Federation in Resolving Claims of Identity: Case Study of Kemant Community in Amhara National Regional State

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this paper is assessing practices and challenges of House of Federation in resolving claims of identity and self-administration: the case study of Kemant Community in Amhara National Regional State. Accordingly, ethnographic design was employed for this study; since it is a particular kind of qualitative research that seeks to describe culture and language from the point of view of cultural insiders. Primary data, like key informant interview, minutes, appeals and proclamations are used for this study. On the other hand, FDRE and Amhara Regional State constitutions are used as secondary data sources. Furthermore, the findings of the study from both data sources indicated that challenge of the House of Federation are; lack of commitment, prioritizing political issue to constitutional legitimacy and low awareness of members of the House on constitutional issue, since most of them are political appointees. Based on findings and conclusions recommendations were forwarded, Therefore, the House needs to clearly stipulate what standards of evidence ought to be used to make identity assessments and work on according to the law. Key Word: Identity, Self-Administration



Identity, Self-Administration