Audience Reception Analysis of “BETEGNA” Radio Program: The case of Amhara Mass Media Agency

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Addis Ababa University


The HIV/AIDS epidemic has affected millions of people all over the world. In most countries, the HIV epidemic is related to behaviors that expose individuals to the virus. And the media plays pivotal role in disseminating information and creating awareness about HIV/AIDS and other health related issues. One of the programs is 'Betegna' which works on the fight against HIV/AIDS and other health and social related issues. Audience Reception Analysis of 'Betegna' Radio Program: The case of Amhara Mass Media Agency seeks to describe how the program contents or messages are interpreted by the target audience and how relevant they are to the audiences. The study analyzed the access and use of media to determine audience's tuning habit, the relevance of the program to the audience, the language use, and interpretation or understanding of program contents were examined through focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, and letters sent to the program producers. Four FGD which involved 25 participants were formed and the groups were arranged based on age. Most participants of the FGD used to be part of a listening group arranged by the program producers. In addition, three in-depth individual interviews were conducted with three program producers. The finding indicates that the time of transmission is a factor for less regularity of audiences. Audiences, also, believe that the duration of the program is too short. The other factor the study revealed is that low level of education affects the understanding of language. Those who are uneducated and whose level of education is less than high schools have faced difficulties of understanding the message of the radio program.



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