An Alternative for Stabilization of Addis Ababa Expansive Soil By Crushed and Natural Sand

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Addis Ababa University


In this thesis, an alternative for stabilization of expansive soil by crushed and natural sand were examined separately. The test results revealed that there is a significant improvement on soil consistency. The classification of the mixed soil is altered from CH to MH group for both types of sand blended. Additionally, the swelling potential and swelling pressure reduced considerably. However, the groups of the mixed soil remain under the group of A-5-7 for all proportion of the sand-soil mixture. For higher proportion of mixture a considerable improvement was attained in the value of unconfined compressive strength. Nevertheless, there is no marked progress achieved in the soaked CBR value. Finally, after making cost comparison for both types sands, 40% sand by weight of soil has showed a cost reduction when compared to total soil replacement. AN ALTERNATIVE FOR STABILIZATION OF EXPANSIVE SOIL OF ADDIS ABAB BY CRUSHED AND NATURAL SAND



Civil Engineering