An Assessment of The Role of Project Management Technical and Behavioral Competency in The Success Of Construction Projects in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this research is to study the role of project management technical and behavioral competencies on project performance in the Ethiopian construction industry. The unique nature of the construction industry, coupled with challenges of global competitiveness, and changing regulatory requirements have created excessive demand for highly knowledgeable and competent project management. Project management is a philosophy and technique that allows users the maximum utilization of their potential with limited sources, together with the increase of profitability. Competency is capacities and attributes that project manager should possess to realize project aims and objectives. Effective project performance can be achieved with relating competency of an individual, requirement of the job and project environment. This study used a quantitative survey and it was design to examine the role of project management technical and behavioral competencies in project performance. This study employed stratified random sampling technique to distribute survey questionnaire to the contractors. The data and information collected through questionnaire survey was interpreted quantitatively. Findings indicate the role of project management technical and behavioral competencies is undeniable in the success of a project. Besides, technical competencies have a substantial effect on project performance. Projects meet their technical performance goals, efficiency of the project management effort, and projects meet their operational performance goals are perceived as successful projects. There is a moderate correlation between project management technical competencies and project success and strong relationship between project management behavioral competencies and project success. Though, lack of particular PM competencies has a significant impact on the projects performance. Since, both technological factor and ethical factors are the biggest challenge in Ethiopian construction industry, therefore it was recommended that the sector must have ways to overcome these challenges and all concerned stakeholders work intensively on remedial measures. Moreover, focus is needed to be given to professionals in the industry and different methods to develop competencies in addition to experience on site.



Construction, Competency, Project Management Competencies, Project performance