Enhancing Export Performance of Ethiopian Floriculture through Infrastructure Investment: The Mediating Role of Market Channels

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The purpose of this study was to analyze the role of infrastructure with mediating effect of market channels in enhancing the export performance of Ethiopian floriculture. To achieve the objectives of the study, using Convenient and purposive sampling techniques a sample of 48 marketing and production managers of the companies was used. A quantitative research method using modified and structured questionnaires from previous studies that adopt and multiple regression analysis was conducted to find out the relationship between infrastructure and export performance. Mediation analysis is also carried out in Path analysis using AMOS. The overall analysis results of the study indicated that the role of infrastructure investment has a positive effect on export performance and market channels. On the other hand market channels have a positive effect on export performance. It was also found that the market channels have shown complimentary partial mediation between infrastructure investment and export performance. Generally, infrastructure investment and market channels have a positive effect in enhancing export performance.



Infrastructure Investment, Export Performance; Market Channels;Mediation