Assessment of the Effect of Concrete Class Variation on Dynamic response of Framed Structures

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Addis Ababa University


Most of the time attention is not given by engineers when higher quality of concrete than the design requirements is used. And this indeed will increase the stiffness. In order to study the behavior and response to such increased stiffness, moment resisting planar structure has been selected for the research. Parametric study was conducted by varying the number of bays, the number of storey and percentage of the total storey with which higher quality concrete is made. The higher class concrete was obtained from actual test data selected out of 1,148 results out of which 575 of them are the 28th day strength. The mean plus one standard deviation value is selected for the 28th day test result. Time history analysis using Newmark’s average acceleration method is used to obtain the response at different times. The result shows that higher response was observed in all the parametric cases as compared to what is obtained from uniform concrete class analysis.