The Relationship Between Religiosity and Social Media Addiction Among Queens College Students, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This is a quantitative study performed to see The relationship between religiosity and social media addiction among queens college students. The study was performed in Addis Ababa, Queens college's three randomly selected campuses. The sample size for the study was 382 students and 22 samples were excluded due to the error which occurs during the data collection process and finally, 360 samples were used as sources of data. The study used two standardized questionnaires to assess social media addiction level and strength of religiosity. Kimberly Yong’s global addiction test questionnaire and Santa Clara’s strength of faith questionnaire were used to assessing social media addiction level and the strength of religiosity respectively after a pilot test was conducted on 45 randomly selected students from Queen’s College to check its reliability. The study reveals there is no statistically significant difference in social media addiction levels between males and females. On religiosity score, female participants register higher results than males, and individuals’ level of religiosity is negatively related to their level of social media addiction.



Relationship Between Religiosity, Social Media Addiction Among