Factors that Affect the Employment of Vocational and Technical School Graduates in East Shoa

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Addis Ababa University


The study aimed at investigating the factors that a ffect the employment of vocational and Technical school graduates of East Shoa. To achieve the s ta ted objectives, data were collected from pnmary and secondary sources. Primary da ta were collected through questionnaires administrated to 50 tea chers, and 400 students who were selected randomly and 20 former graduates selected purposively. The data were analyzed through descriptive statistics. The preliminary findings of the study indicated that majority of former gradu ates are jobless, due to limitedness of employer institutions , and lack of support to be self employed. It was a lso found that the schools linkage with employer institutions, job opportunity orienta tion , which have an impact to the problem, needs attention and lot of improvement



investigating; factors