Causes Of Project Cost Overrun And Time Delay: The Case Of Afar Sustainable Development Goals Program Office Projects

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Addis Ababa University


Most water related construction projects in Ethiopia frequently face cost overrun and time delay. The objective of this study is to identify the major causes of cost overrun and time delay and thus help in avoiding them by identifying measures that should be undertaken in project management using a questionnaire. And this survey shows the client projects personnel perspective. The survey questionnaire constitutes a collection of thirty six(36) causes found in the literature, classified into two(2) groups namely cost overrun and time delay causing factors. The questionnaire were answered by thirteen (13) purposely selected SDG program office personnel and horizontal program office horizontal officers which involved with all the SDG program projects implemented from July 2008 E.C. to February 2010 E.C time duration. The respondents are requested to rate the thirty six(36) causes identified from literature review, add if there is any additional causes that are not included in the questionnaire and measures to be taken to manage the causes. Here the Relative Importance index (RII) method is used to rate according to their importance of each causing factors listed in the questionnaire after the data reliability is checked. According to this study Design change, scope change, ineffective project monitoring, and ineffective program management are the major time delay causing factors. And original estimate and budgeting, design changes/iteration, inadequate availability of skilled resource and location or/and connectivity of project site are the major cost overrun causing factors. Lastly the study identifies six area of project to be dealt to manage or control the effect of cost overrun and time delay. These are project scoping & planning, project monitoring & control, program office projects management, capacity building, project communication and risk management



cost overrun and time delay, causes, manage and control, RII