Nature, Challenges and Opportunities of Door-To-Door Solid Waste Collection Service Providing Cooperatives in Arada Sub-City.

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Addis Ababa University


Poverty and urban unemployment are the major economic challenges to the city of Addis Ababa. To solve these problems, emphasis is placed on creating job opportunities in five core areas, waste collection activity, being one of the concerns of the municipality gained due attention. Consequently, the city government empowered Micro and small scale enterprises organizing office at woreda level with mandate to organize people who are supposed to be poor and willing to work in solid waste collection. Thus, the offices register those people willing to engage in waste collection. This study was conducted so as to investigate ihe salient features of door-to-door primary solid waste collection service provided by cooperatives in Arada sub-city .And most importantly to identifY the challenges faced the coops and opportunities occurred due to the involvement of cooperatives in waste collection activity. The required data were gathered through document inspection, survey questionnaire, interviews, and case study and observation list. Cooperatives under study faced many challenges in their activities. Absence of vehicles and lack of equipment were the major challenges to deliver the services frequently and effectively. Inadequate payment, delay in payment, lack of access to safety clothes and medical service affected their operation. The engagement of cooperatives in waste collection activity contributed a lot to the workers, municipality and the service recipients. Their participation in the activity increased the employment opportunity and became income source for the poor. The municipality also benefited due to their involvement in municipal solid waste collection. Their role bridged the gap, in waste collection between the service recipients and the municipality(municipal containers}and increased the service coverage and waste collection frequency in the study area. The service recipients also confirmed that there is improvement in solid waste situation of their surrounding due to the involvement of the cooperatives in waste collection services. They can also save their time and labor.



Challenges and Opportunities