The Practice of Media Convergence at Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC)

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Addis Ababa University


This study was conducted with the aim of examining the practice of media convergence at Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC). The study has specific objectives such as identifying the form of media convergence implemented at FBC, looking into changes in staffing and newsroom restructuring as well as assessing the strengths, weaknesses and challenges observed in the implementation of converged media at FBC. Based on the convergence theory, the study employed qualitative research method to address the research questions using qualitative data gathered through data collection instruments such as interviews, focus group discussions and archive file analysis. Accordingly, the researcher analyzed four archive files from previous news coverages of FBC to highlight how contents are channeled across platforms. The researcher also interviewed four top management members of FBC including the CEO, and also conducted three separate focus group discussions involving six staff from each of the radio, television and digital news teams. The findings of the study showed that FBC is currently practicing a form of media convergence known as „Coordinating Independent Platforms‟ where autonomous television, radio and digital media departments collaborate in content production and sharing. The findings also revealed that FBC‟s current structure and staffing is not designed in such a way to maximize the benefits the media outlet gains from media convergence. Uncompetitive salary, lack of multi-skilled journalists, and mismatch between FBC‟s workforce and the workload journalists handle are the challenges identified in the findings. Moreover, the study shed light on the lack of written procedures articulating FBC‟s approach to media convergence and the resulting lack of common understanding among FBC‟s journalists as weaknesses on the part of the media outlet. On the other hand, the joint planning practice by the editorial team, and the commendable track record of FBC in media technology acquisition have been pinpointed as the strengths in FBC‟s media convergence practice. The findings pointed to the conclusion that FBC is not pursuing media convergence as a strategic goal although it is practicing cross platform dissemination of contents. The conclusion also included the points that FBC has not made staffing changes and newsroom restructuring for better implementation of convergence, in addition to indicating gaps regarding the absence of conducive organizational arrangement for deeper convergence as well as challenges regarding staff turnover and lack of training and devices. Based on the conclusions, the researcher recommended better focus for media convergence at FBC and remedies to address the gaps in manpower, organizational structure, facilities and devices.



Fana Broadcasting Corporation,Media Convergence