The Effect of Promotional Mix Elements on Brand Image of Dashen Bank

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Addis Ababa University


We are living in a rapidly developing world where vast amount of information is flooding our day to day activities. Accordingly, information to be appropriate and reach the target audience, we need to develop effective communication mechanism. This study therefore sought to examine the effect of promotional mix elements on the brand image of Dashen Bank. The research design adopted was descriptive. The population was the customers of the bank in Addis Ababa city divided in four districts out of which a sample of 384 was drawn. The main instrument used was questionnaire. Both secondary and primary data were used. In measuring the effect of promotional mix tools on brand image, the researcher conducted a percentage and mean analysis. To measure the effect of on brand image, the researcher conducted a regression analysis; the study found some level of correlation between promotional mix elements and brand image. However, the independent variables (promotional mix elements) had a significant relationship with brand image (dependent). The correlation value showed significant association between the variables. The R2value indicates that approximately 58.4% (0.0.584) meaning brand image could be explained by using promotional mix elements. Hence, the study indicated that the independent variables that are promotional mix elements (advertisement, sales promotion, personal selling, publicity/PR and direct marketing) had a positive effect on brand image (dependent) of Dashen Bank.



Brand Image, Promotional Mix Elements, information