Federalism and Economic Empowerment: The Case of Indigenous People in Gambell a Regional State

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


This study has investigated factors affecting economic empowerment of indigenous people in Gambella regional state with the case study of three zones (Nuer, Anyua, and Majang Zone). The study was conducted through descriptive analysis survey design by using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Both primary and secondary data have been utilized. The technique of taking sample from the given population is purposive sampling drawing a sample of 180 people from the population of 307,096people. Data was analyzed using statistical figure such as tables, graphs, pie charts, and percentages, is employed. Finding revealed that economic empowerment of the local people is negatively affected by the factors of cultural of dependency in both urban and rural community and weak policies formulated implementation of the regional government. Study regarding Organizational Availability shows that Organizational Availability is not yet established in Gambella except micro and small enterprises. In general statements, Indigenous people are from respondents confirmed that economically poor with the reasons which are associated to the factors such as cultural influence, financial limitation, lack of awareness creation by the regional government, and some more explanatory variables which are shown in the above analysis. Moreover, weak policies formulation and their implementation, issue such as economic prioritization, and absent of micro enterprises agencies effective role in the region have been identified as the undermining factors in lessening the empowerment of the local people significantly. The study recommended that Regional Government need to create favorable environment that promotes innovation and entrepreneurial development, and formulation of correct poliCies which could solve public problems inclusively.



Economic empowerment, Indigenous people, Federalism, Gambella regional state.