Access and Use of Communication Professionals in Advertising for Banking Industry; The Case of Three Banks in Addis Ababa.

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Addis Ababa University


Banks in vest hi gh budget for advertisement. To get proportional promotiona l bene fi ts fro m the in vested adverti se ment bud ge t, it is adv isa bl e t hat advertise ment sho uld be prepared by professio nals. In ord er to do so, the work in g e n viro nm ent of bank in g adverti se ment and the access a nd us e of Communicati on Professio nals in th e prod uction of advertisi ng fo r the ban k in g indu st ry needs to be in ves ti gated . The aim of the stud y is to in vest igate the access and use of Communi cation Profess ional s and wo rk in g enviro nm e nt of banking adverti seme nt in the production of ad ve rti s in g f or the bank in g industry. Amo ng th e 18 Bank s, Comm erc ial Bank o f Ethi opi a, Zemen Bank and Lion Internatio nal Bank were se lected . The stud y e mployed m ixed re search m e th od and 100 key respond ents were se lected usin g purp os ive sampling. The quantitative s urvey qu es tionnaire was anal yzed us ing SPSS and presented in terms of descripti ve stati s tics. Th e qualitati ve in-d epth in terview was thematicall y analyzed . Resu lts indi cated that Banks use gu ide lin es to lead t heir advertis in g production pro cess w it h strong level of agree me nt w hi c h is the mea n resu lt of 3.69. Thi s showed a managements approve a d ve rti sement bud get properly (M=3.85). T here ex ist a needed fo r se n ior manageme nt ap pr oval in each production stage (M=3.2 8). It was fo und that o nl y a few (2.2 %) of Communication Professionals were used in banks and the task of p roduci ng advert isem ents were ha ndl ed by professionals who had hu s in ess a nd marketing educatio nal background. Thus, it was found that the bank in g industry had less accessibiliy and use of Com municati o n Profess io na ls for ad ve rtise me nt production. Based on the findings, some recommen dations were forwarded.



Access and Use of Communication, Advertising for Banking Industry