Human Resource Training and Development: The Practices, Challenges and Effectiveness in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia at Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The study attempted to answer basic questions related to training policy, selection of trainees, training methods and processes, involvement of line managers’, challenges and effectiveness of training and development program. The study used descriptive research method to collect and analyze data relevant for the study. Questionnaire, interview, and document analysis were used to gather relevant data for the study. The study collected data from 315 staff using stratified as well as simple random sampling techniques. In addition, a purposeful sampling technique was used to select interviewee. Instruments were pilot tested to make essential corrections and maintain their validity. After improving questionnaire on the basis of the feedback from the pilot test, it was administered to the respondents with the necessary explanations how to complete it. For presentation of the data tables are used. Frequencies and percentages were also used. The study found out that even if there is the practice of training and development at Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, its implementation brought complaints from employees. Accordingly, training policy not communicated fully and clearly, selection of trainees not properly done, lack of on the job training, poor training plan in terms of training content and method and discrepancy between the provided training and development and job skills, line managers do not understand the benefits obtained from training and development programs, involvement of line managers is neglected, lack of coordination among various efforts, inadequate needs analysis. Based on the findings, the paper recommends that identification of training needs should be done more professionally, training needs identified should emanate from CBE’s strategic plan, objectives should also include performance targets, measures standards and should be seen as attainable by individuals, need assessment should provide a clear understanding of the differences between current and expected performance, CBE could develop its employees through formal education, CBE should initiate a policy for motivation attached to training, evaluate training, senior management should encourage departments that are not yet doing so, plan and support training at a departmental/process level, CBE develop clear training evaluation system. In doing so the bank could achieve better in the future.



Human Resource Training, and Development