Application of Gis for Urban Planning in Ethiopia With Particular Reference to Abattoir Site Suitability Analysis for Kulito Town: An Exploration.

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Addis Ababa University


In Ethiopia certain urban function s, particularly abattoirs even though their siting is a critical environmental issue (EPA, 2002), are frequently observed being located incompatibly with the surrounding geographic features. As a result, abattoirs pose environmental hazard to their surrounding, and they are also affected by some nearby activities. The implication is that each fiscal year NUPI, which is the chief urban development plan making arm of the Federal Government of Ethiopia, would be confronted with problems of these kind to which appropriate solution should be sought. However, it is admitted that the manual method NUPI is currently using is not sufficient enough to cope with the increasing demand for siting abattoirs. It is rather slow, error prone and laborious. In an attempt to address such problems, the present study specifically explores the potentiality of applying GIS for abatto ir site suitability ana lysis, by taking a selected town of Ethiopia (Kulito) as a case. A model for the analysis has been developed by working closely with knowledgeable expels of NUPI in the problem area as well as reviewing relevant documents. The model was then implemented using Arc View GIS Version 3. 1. Based on the comments of NUPI's experts, the result was proved satisfactory and the method could be used for the designation of suitable abattoir site for other towns with some modifications if necessary.



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