The Socio-Economic Impact of South Sudanese refugees on the Host Community in Ethiopia: the Case of Pugnido Refugee Camp: Pugnido, Gambella Region

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Addis Ababa University


This study aimed at examining the socio-economic impact of South Sudanese refugees in Pugnido town. With the arrival of refugees from Sudan especially with the outbreak of the Second Sudanese Civil War there was exodus of refugees from Sudan in to Western Ethiopia regions. Thus the arrival of large number of refugees in to the area, particularly in Gambella brought a demographic, political, social, economic and environmental impact in the area. The study aims to understand and explain the socio-economic condition of the study area before the arrival of the refugees and the opening of the refugee camp. The study examined the economic activity, the culture and the history of the Host community, the Anywaa. So this enable to see the continuity and change with in the host community. In the study process questionnaire, interview and observation used to get a clear understanding of the socio-economic impact of the refugees in the area. It explained the social, economic and environmental impact. Since the host community practiced hunting and gathering as one part of their economic activity the deforestation and the loss of wild animals seriously affect their economy. This paper also explain the depth of the host community dependency on refugee food aid which reach almost all members of the host community directly or indirectly.