Assessing the Impact of COVID – 19 Pandemic on Broadcast Media BusinesstThe Case of Ahadu Radio and Fana Broadcasting Corporate

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this study was to assess the impact of COVID – 19 pandemic on the business of Ahadu Radio and Fana Broadcasting Corporate. To get the appropriate data for the study, the researcher employed qualitative research approaches. Research tools such as focus group discussion and in-depth interview were used to collect relevant data from marketing department employees, Journalists and operation heads of both organizations. For the in - depth interview twelve interviewees were selected using purposing sampling. Ten journalists (five from each media) and two operation heads (one from each media) were interviewed. In addition to that focus group discussion was conducted involving twelve participants. Focus group discussions were made in Fana Broadcasting Corporate and Ahadu Radio compounds each having six members. The data gathered from in – depth interview and focus group discussion were analyzed thematically. It has been tried to address the main impacts of COVID – 19 pandemic on the media business of both organizations. The findings show that the outbreak of COVID – 19 pandemic impacted the main sources of income of both media organizations. Accordingly, advertisement incomes, psychological state of fear of employees, the restriction measures following the outbreak of the pandemic negatively affected the business performance of Ahadu Radio and Fana Broadcasting Corporate. Thus, based on the results of the findings it is recommended that the government should arrange mechanisms that support the business performance of media organizations in times of calamities like the outbreak of COVID – 19 pandemic before imposing restrictions and taking similar measures. Moreover, media organizations should not depend on promotion/advertisement income as their mere source of revenue.



Pandemic, COVID – 19,