The Role of Project Management Planning on Project Success: the Case of Ethiopian Heritage Authority Conservation Projects

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Addis Ababa University


Effective project management planning contributes to the success of built heritage conservation projects. This study is aimed to identify the role of project management planning on project success in the case of Ethiopian Heritage Authority (EHA) built heritage conservation projects. Project management planning includes variables like planning integration, planning scope, planning time, planning cost and planning quality. Target population of 60 experts encompassed the 6 core directorates of the organization and data was collected back from 42 of the respondents. The basis for the research included case studies and census methodologies, with a cross-sectional study timeframe. The collected data were quantitatively examined using descriptive statistics and the statistical software SPSS version 27. Findings reveal that there is a positive correlation between project success and all the variables of project management planning. Regression model was used to test the causal link between the independent and dependent variables of the study. Results of the linear regression indicates all the variables have a statistically significant and positive effect on project performance. It is recommended to give ample focus to project management planning as it determines the success of a heritage conservation projects