Assessment of the Practice and Challenges of Information Technology Project Management: A Case in Ministry of Communication and Information Technology E-Procurement Software Project

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to assess the practice and challenges of Information Technology Project management of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology E-Procurement Software Project. The research purposefully takes the whole population of project management team, both from MCIT and Perago, who are involved in the management process including the two project managers. The researcher used both primary and secondary data to achieve the intended research objectives. The primary data collected through self developed Likert scale structured questionnaire for the project process groups and an adapted Likert scale structured questionnaire for the major challenges of IT projects were distributed among six team members of the project management team including the project manager from MCIT and fifteen project management team members from Perago, the outsourced company including the project manager. The questionnaires were distributed online by using Google Form and the respondents were asked for their agreement/disagreement on existence and extent of the challenges in the project. Secondary data collected from compiled Terms of Reference and Status report Documents and had interviewed the two project managers. Data were analyzed using Google Form and Microsoft Excel and interpreted for percentage, mean and standard deviation. The findings of this study revealed that the project management practices were properly implemented as of the project management process groups except it missed proper feasibility study at initial stage and identified these major challenges insufficient skills within the team , delay in document approval ,older legacy systems issues ,too much project status reporting issues and insufficient technical knowledge within team. The feasibility study should be conducted in order to establish the validity of the benefits of the project locally by MCIT, different government organizations should prepare a suitable environment for the development of projects so as to understand and design the best solution for the existing unstructured system, prepare a project management team members meeting after each deliverables in order that the can go through the document with the reviewer and make amendments at the same time, have a IT training plan for team members to keep them updated with the latest technologies and project management training to help them to improve their ability of managing project, solving and analyzing a problem. ,and use tools like softwares to generate the report easily and also delegate a person who deals with status report preparation to the team.



Information Technology project Management, E-procurement Software, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Perago