Audience Reception of Ebc‘S Negen Zare Show: The Case of High School Students in Addis Ababa

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The purpose of this study was to explore Addis Ababa in school youth audience reception of Negen Zare show aired by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC). It investigated the youth’s access, exposure and consumption of the show. It also aimed at assessing the youth’s perceptions, expectations, ratings and satisfactions/dissatisfaction of the talk show added to their reflections on the relevance and quality of the contents of the program. The study was conducted on the youth who study in the city’s secondary schools which educate students from grade nine through grade twelve. The study was framed in the audience reception theories. The adopted theoretical frameworks include agenda setting and framing theory, uses and gratification theory and reception analysis Comprehensive quantitative survey was employed to generate data from the youth. Ten informants from ten secondary schools were selected using quota sampling techniques. The researcher administered the survey form to 100 informants who watch EBC Negen Zare show. The reliability of the survey form was calculated to be 0.920 at Cronbach's Alpha level. Key informant interview (N: 7) was held with the talk show producers, editors and hosts to supplement and triangulate findings. The data was collected between April and December 2020. Findings show that the youth audiences sometimes watched Negen Zare show as the aggregate mean value shows ( M=1.574, SD= 0.447). This means that in general the youth are not fan of the show. As the aggregate mean value ( M= 2.4572, SD= .69996) shows the youth audiences disagree that the show is relevant and has a good quality. They did not follow, interact, comment and participate on the social media outlets posted by EBC Negen Zare show. The aim of the show was educating and entertaining the youth so that they are productive in all aspects or dimensions of their life. The agenda of the show was set and prioritized from top down and does not involve the target youth audience. EBC Negen Zare show does not have systematic mechanism to evaluate and improve the quality and relevance of the show to the youth. The contents of the show were with less quality and the format which was not appropriate to the youth. The show was mostly studio based. It lacks visual elements. It also lacks music and entertainment performance as compared to the previous show in which music and sport were the integral part of the show. Based on these findings, relevant recommendations were forwarded



It investigated the youth’s access, exposure and consumption of the show