Factors that Affect Quality of Education in Tarmaber Wereda Secondary Schools’ of Amhara Regional State

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to identify major factor that affect the quality of education in secondary schools of Tarmaber woreda Debersina Town. Descriptive survey design was employed to carry-out the study which enabled the researcher to undrestand the present status of the problem under study. The necessary data for the study was collected from 267students(129 males and 138 females),15 teachers( 12males and 3females),15 PTSAs(9males and 6 females) ,2 principals, 2vice-principals,1 supervisors and 3 Woreda education officers. The researcher used stratified random sampling to select students, teachers and Woreda education officers. Availability sampling was used PTSAs, principals, vice-principals and supervisor. The instrument employed to collect data from the respondents were questionnaire, interview and documents. The quantitative data gathered from the respondent was analyzed by using frequency, percentage and mean score. The qualitative data was analyzed through narration. The findings of the study revealed that, the major factor that affect the quality of education in secondary schools in study area were the problem of student hour pre week, parent involvement, method of teaching and teacher experience and attitude towards their job. The conclusions of the study also show that to improve quality educations to change the student attitude, to participate parent in all activity of school, motivate teacher to use different teaching method and to change attitude towards their jobs. Based on the finding and conclusion the following recommendations are made to alleviate the existing problems. Accordingly teachers and guidance and counseling help students to study hared, to increase the accountability of stake holder, improve method of teaching, All stakeholders arrange motivation program for teachers and full filed school facilities and other which are assumed to solve the identified problem were recommended.



Factors that Affect Quality of Education