Cyber Hygiene Practices Amongst Employees of Ethiopian Commercial Banks

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Addis Ababa University


The ever-expanding cyberspace bring benefits to the financial institutions and there is also threats of attacks through it. Cyber hygiene is like a human being keeping its own personal hygiene not to be exposed by any types of disease, the same is true for cyber hygiene; keeping aside the cyber threats and attacks away. The Ethiopian commercial bank experience insider attacks such as password theft and email phishing attack were observed. Security is a big problem and it needs a big emphasis so that the purpose of the study is to evaluate current cyber hygiene practices of the employees in the Ethiopian commercial banking industry. Quantitative research methodology was used to conduct this research. Among 18 Ethiopian commercial banks three banks (such as Dashen bank, Abay bank, and Commercial bank of Ethiopia) were selected by using stratified sampling and based on the year of core banking automation criteria. The research used convenience sampling method to identify the sample. The primary data collection instrument was selfadministered questionnaire which was adapted from related research. SPSS version 20 was used to for data analysis; the research was conducted at the head office and branch level of the selected banks. Even if the finding shows that there was a gap on computing cyber hygienic practices but there is an observation of a good cyber hygiene practice like that of users didn’t stick their password on the office desk, not shared their password and unauthorized person is not allowed to use their computer. Respondents assure that their bank have a clear, specific, formal and understandable ISSP. And its practices of the Ethiopian commercial banks and the respondents’ attitude was very good regarding the banks ISSP. The respondents underline that, there was lack of periodic formal cyber hygiene training. The finding of the study shows, the need for regular assessment and follow up so as to provide strategic and adequate training.



Cyber, Cyber Hygiene, Cyber Hygiene Practice