Design Aid for Composite Columns (Concrete Filled Tubes)

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Addis Ababa University


Composite Columns Are In An Increased Usage For Construction Of Highrise And Medium-Rise Buildings, Bridges And Other Structures. However, Their Designs Involves Tiresome Calculations And Drawing Of Interaction Charts. In Addition, The Results Are Approximate. This Thesis Presents Design Aids For Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes To Simplify The Design And At The Same Time Increase The Accuracy Of Results. It Also Summarizes Important Behaviors Of Concrete-Filled Tube Columns As Compared To Other Column Types. General Approaches Have Been Presented On How To Prepare Design Charts And Such Charts Have Been Drawn For Selected Cross-Sectional Shapes. Uniaxial Charts Have Been Drawn For Square, Rectangular, Hexagonal And Octagonal Shapes Whereas Biaxial Chart Is Drawn For Square Section. This Thesis Also Provides Guidelines To Easily Develop Other Charts For Other Shapes And Material Types That Were Not Considered. Numerical Examples Have Been Presented To Illustrate The Application Of The Charts For The Design Of Composite Cross-Sections. Results Have Been Compared With Those Obtained Using The Procedure Outlined In EBCS 4-1995 And Have Shown Close Similarity. The Accuracy Of Viii Biaxial Charts As Compared With The Approximate Method In EBCS 4- 1995 Has Also Been Shown With The Help Of A Numeric Example. Keywords: Concrete-Filled Tubes, Uniaxial Bending, Biaxial Bending, Plastic Capacity, Interaction Chart



Concrete-Filled Tubes; Uniaxial Bending; Biaxial Bending; Plastic Capacity;Interaction Chart