Assessment of Female Students’ Participation in Athletics Class, The case of Bole Senior Secondary and Preparatory School

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Addis Abeba university


The purpose of this study was to assess female students’ participation in athletics class in Bole Senior Secondary and Preparatory school. The reason why the researcher dealt with this issue was the effect of athletics participation on academic achievement professionally relevant and applicable to him as he is currently, serving as a facilitator and a coach in his school, Bole Senior Secondary and Preparatory. His experience coaching in athletics gave him rise to interactions with parents, administrators and stake holders who regarded athletics positively, negatively, and ambiguously. To undertake this study the producer of this study took a sample of 308 female students from 2053 and eight physical education teachers. Moreover, to collect data he applied three data collection instruments such as questionnaire, interview, and observation and descriptive statistics method of research was applied. The finding of this study indicate some barriers of not student participated in athletics class was the following. Most of female students found to be aware of the benefits they can get from the athletics participation classes. Most of female students do not participate in athletics classes due to the pressure of their cultural, psychological, religious and natural factors. From the sample, majority of them participate only in theoretical lessons rather than practical based on the producer of this research recommended the following solutions Ministry of education, teachers’ society family and other concerned governmental bodies should work more on female students to relief from their natural, societal, personal, economical and other bounded problems. The administration of sub-city education offices should give due emphasis to females participation and must make effort to assign qualified or trained teachers. Physical education teachers and school administrations should explain clearly the importance of the active participation in athletics. Female students should participate actively in practical athletics class in order to gain benefit from this lesson. Key words: Athletics, Physical Education, Female students



Athletics; Physical Education; Female students