The Effect of Electronic Commerce Applications on the Operational Performance of Startup Businesses

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electronic commerce is a big part of today's business. the internet and the world wide web are the most important platforms for electronic commerce. To grow their businesses, many huge companies, small and medium-sized firms, start-up companies, and individuals are increasing their investments in the electronic commerce industry. the primary goal of this article is to investigate the effect of electronic commerce applications on the operational performance of startup businesses. electronic advertising, electronic payment systems, electronic marketing, electronic customer support service, and electronic order and delivery are the five fundamental types of e-commerce applications that could have an effect on organizational operational performance. the research collects data from 100 business firms that have used electronics commerce applications in their business operations in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and are less than five years old since they are established. the data for the study will be cross-sectional quantitative data gathered from primary sources. the data were analyzed using a quantitative research approach. both descriptive and explanatory research designs were used in this study to address the study's specific objectives. the study will also use regression-based analysis with the ordinary least-square technique to investigate the magnitude and direction of the effect of the explanatory variables on the dependent variable. the analysis examined by SPSS version 22. according to the findings of this research statistical analysis, electronic commerce applications have influenced the operational performance and success of newly established businesses.



Electronic Commerce, start-up businesses, Operational Performance, electronic commerce applications